About Us

Orcanos offers an integrated software solution for product development life cycle management.
The combination of Orcanos' professional team, and proven methodologies supported by QPack, help companies achieve quick and significant improvements in project quality as well as cost savings and shorter time to market.

Customer Testimonials

    Orcanos and QPack™ system are the ultimate solution for us; Orcanos managers
       helped us with professional experience on the methodology and with system
       customization to our needs...  

         Yaron Abuksis
         Alpha integration manager

    From my very first exposure to QPack I realized that it's nothing like I've
       seen or experienced before

         Rami Ben-Ari
         QA director

    Qpack really gives us the possibility to control a project. We set up a workflow
       according to our company´s structure and size. This workflow ensures a
       standardizeddevelopment process.  

         Lars Bensch
         Marketing & Distribution


Orcanos' products and methodologies serve a range companies that operate in diverse industries.